GROWTH is great,
but EVOLVING is superior!

Mashup Digital M

About US

Mashup Digital is a strategic thinking performance marketing agency built on the strong fundamentals of 10+ years of digital product development experience, and 7+ years of data driven marketing experience.

We believe that digital marketing should be viewed and handled in a strategic, holistic way, thus we can always adapt to the ever changing digital marketplace.

By choosing the right toolset, our expertise can help generating revenue from digital channels to our clients.


Together, we go further!

Working close with our clients we are able to understand not just the short term needs, but the long term goals. By having regular and open conversations with our business partners we can guide them from a strategic viewpoint, and help them on the operational level.


Our Core Values


We always strive for new knowledge, new ways to do our work. Life is a continuous improvement process, and we take this seriously both on personal and professional level.


We understand that real value can only be created on the long term by joint forces. This is why we aim for long term business partnerships instead of quick, short term cooperations.


One of our core values is honesty. Both for business partners and colleagues. We live by strong moral principles, and we do what we say we are going to do. And we also say no if we think that is the right way.


We are focused and motivated to stay on the path of achieving the long term goals of ourselves and our clients. We don't sweep difficult problems under the carpet, instead we find solutions.